Chinese Payment Giant Alipay launches NFT Sales

Is the NFT sold by Alipay just a JPG?

Is the NFT sold by Alipay just a JPG? On June 23rd, Alipay, Dunhuang Fine Arts Research Institute and the famous animation “Scissor Seven” jointly launched a new NFT payment code skin based on AntChain, the blockchain business unit of Alibaba Group. Each of the two digital artwork is limited to 8000 copies and costs […]

China’s New Regulations Crack Down On Crypto Currency Fever

For On June 21, the Central Bank (PBC) announced that the relevant departments of the Central Bank recently discussed with main banks and payment institutions in China including the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Construction Bank, Postal Savings Bank of China, and Alipay (China) Network Technology Co., Ltd regarding the […]

Key decisions to sell online in China

For Distribution is changing dramatically in China. Consumers in mainland China and Hong Kong have increasingly adapted to online shopping and foreign brands see every day how important is to use the social and digital channels to access this huge market. Emarketer confirms that online will account for 52.1% of all retail sales in China […]

Virtual Office and Virtual Address in China

For many WFOEs operating in China or foreign investors that want to set up a legal entity in China, the registered address is a sensitive and potentially risky corporate compliance element. According to the PRC Company Law, every company must have a registered address and the registered address needs to correspond to a legal entity separately. The […]

Ultimate Guide for Company Seals in China

One of the inevitable topics of doing business in China is the company seals. The use of seals instead of signatures to exercise the power of companies or other entities in China has a long history. So, what seals does the company have? How do they use them and what legal effects do they have? […]

Finance Your Business in China

Running out of cash can cause serious consequences to your company, such as losing business opportunities for not being able to execute contracts with clients, purchase raw materials, arrange delivery of goods within the agreed timeline, paying wages, custom duties, and taxes. However, financing your business in China can be slower and more difficult than […]

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